Renaud Nalin, Ph.D., Founder of LibraGen

Chief Executive Officer

Renaud developed his scientific expertise in molecular biology, molecular environmental microbiology, and combinatorial biology in France and in the US. Within the CNRS microbial ecology unit in Lyon, France – recognized as one of the leading research centers in the metagenomics field worldwide – he developed an international network of scientific and industrial contacts.

Prior to founding LibraGen, he started a company providing molecular biology services. Renaud holds a Ph.D. and an additional executive management qualification from Lyon Business School. He is the author of over 20 scientific articles.

Daniel Auriol, MS, PhD

Technology Development Manager

Daniel got his graduate and doctoral diplomas in biochemical engineering at the National Institute of Applied Sciences in Toulouse (INSAT). After a post-doc at the Department of Chemical Engineering of UC Berkeley, he joined in 1986 the newly founded start-up BioEurope specialized in biocatalysis and associated techniques.

He was in charge of programs dealing with enzyme production and purification where he successfully developed several biosynthesis processes based on transfer and reverse hydrolysis reactions involving free or immobilized enzymes. He also developed his expertise in the synthesis, purification, and production of new active ingredients for the cosmetic industry when BioEurope became the R&D division of SOLABIA.

Technical Director in 1998 at the CRITT Bioindustries in Toulouse he was nominated in 2000 Director to develop this organization, before joining LibraGen in 2004. His wide experience covers biocatalysis and microbial engineering, especially the characterization and optimization of fermentation processes.

Fabrice Lefèvre, MS, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer

Fabrice is graduated from the INSA Toulouse (Biochemistry & Biocatalysis) and got his Ph.D. in molecular biology and protein engineering from the University of Toulouse. Before joining LibraGen, he actively participated since the early beginning of Protéus as VP R&D in the feasibility studies and in the development of proprietary technologies.

He formed the first Protéus‚ research teams of high throughput screening, directed evolution, and in vitro expression. Fabrice has a track record of successful industrial collaborations, as well as valuable patented innovative molecular tools development. He is a guest speaker in the field of industrial biocatalysis in Universities and engineers schools and is the author of more than 15 scientific articles and 25 patents.